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Returning to her childhood home on Mikinaak Island after a twenty year absence, Mina McInnis unravels the incidents that caused her family's disintegration. She is determined to uncover the truth about the tragedy from her past, and the presence that dwells in the cold, dark waters of Lake Huron.


Latitude 46 Publishing

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"...the suspense of so many secrets being withheld and the subtle implications of something sinister in the waters of Lake Huron are worthy of the best Stephen King novel." 

~The Miramichi Reader


"In this beautiful and haunting story of family secrets, tragic loss, and renewal, Jennifer Farquhar's gutsy heroine charts murky waters seeped in myth and local legend, with a clear and unforgettable voice. " -~Nina Berkhout, The Mosaic 

"Jennifer Farquhar casts her intricately woven narrative net into the cold northern waters of Lake Huron and captures for the lucky reader a richly detailed story alive with mysteries, secrets, and hard-won home truths. Once you've crossed the bridge to Mikinaak Island in the company of Watermark's brave, bedevilled heroine, you won't be able to leave."

~Terry Griggs, The Discovery of Honey 

"Watermark is a compelling, beautifully rendered portrait of island life, where deeply held family secrets intertwine with local lore and the past runs in step with the present. A gripping narrative of family love, loss and regeneration, Watermark will enthrall readers right up to the final page."

~Emily Urquhart, Beyond the Pale: Folklore, Family and the Mystery of Our Hidden Genes 

"Coloured with ghost stories and gothic elements, Jennifer Farquhar's Watermark unspools an intriguing family tragedy set in the richly detailed terrain of a Northern Ontario island. With evocative descriptions of the local terrain and traditions, the novel deeply examines the interplay between ancient and settler cultures through one woman's journey to come to terms with her past and find her true home. This story moves like waves on the long Lake Huron shoreline, building in intensity until its final satisfying end." - ~Lauren Carter, Swarm 




*Stay tuned for publisher info and release date.

WATERMARK_COVER_with awards.png
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